The new U-TECH Aion 3 stands for maximum comfort like you’ve never experienced in a running shoe before. The heavenly harmonious running feel, the generous fit, and the extraordinary biomechanical function are even more optimized compared to the previous model. 40% more of the newly developed full-length U-TECH™ Foam ensure an even smoother and softer running feel. The new Biological U-TECH™ is used in the U-TECH Aion 3 for the first time. The result: rolling like never before and perfect injury prevention. Thanks to countless recycled materials, the U-TECH Aion 3 is also more sustainable than ever. What are you waiting for? Unleash comfort.



Centered Rolling: Support and Safety:
Your foot lands securely and stably in the center of the U-shaped technology – even better thanks to Biological U-TECH™.
Trampoline Effect: Almost Like Floating:
You run in the U-TECH™ technology as if on a very comfortable trampoline. Our novel full-length U-TECH™ Foam has an energy return of 75%.
Paradise-like Comfort:
Unprecedented comfort for your feet: 40% more innovative full-length U-TECH™ Foam and the best materials make you feel like you’re floating.
Especially Sustainable:
Comfort has never been so sustainable: even more fully recycled materials and a newly developed outsole for increased durability.

For everyone looking for a stable, well-cushioned, and extremely comfortable running shoe. We don’t use categories like neutral or support. Our technology centers the point of force application throughout the entire movement. This eliminates the cause of unphysiological stress and prevents problems from arising in the first place. Whether you previously ran in a neutral or stability shoe or used insoles, you are safe and well-served in the U-TECH Aion 3. Compared to the U-TECH Nevos, the U-TECH Aion 3 offers more cushioning and increased comfort. The asymmetrical design of the U-TECH™ tubes (Biological U-TECH™) is based on the anatomical-biological structures of the foot, allowing for an extremely soft roll and perfect centering of the forces exerted. Additionally, thanks to even more fully recycled materials, the U-TECH Aion 3 is the most sustainable True Motion running shoe to date.

Static 10 mm. Since your foot sinks into the middle of our Biological U-TECH™ technology while running, it is immediately at a dynamic foot-neutral drop of 0 mm. This allows for highly efficient rolling and a maximum responsive push-off from the ground.

Short, long, and ultra-long runs on predominantly firm surfaces.

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Crown Blue/Bluebird/Blazing Orange


4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8