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Regular use of a foam roller over time can reduce the risk of injury, illness, and can improve long-term muscle health and performance. When used before training, it can enhance performance, when used afterwards, it can speed up recovery significantly.

The first of its kind in the UK, and one of the best foam rollers available on the market, we’ve added our performance-enhancing vibration technology to bring you the very best foam roller experience available. It’s perfect for self-massage, rehabilitation, and performance training in the comfort of your own home.

Our scientifically proven vibration technology increases blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, improving general muscle health and recovery time after consistently hard training leading to DOMS.

The variable settings allow you to deliver different levels of vibration intensity, depending on your individual needs and targeted muscle

3 Active speeds / 1 Pulse mode – Convenient remote control – Portable pain relief

This is no ordinary roller.

Vibrations are channelled through the roller’s foam skin, for an unrivalled experience that increases blood flow, enhances muscle recovery and elevates performance output.

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HOW TO USE – Gently rest the target muscle on the vibrating foam roller – this allows the vibration to penetrate the muscle for an effective treatment.
Use your body weight and adjust Pulseroll’s variable settings to find the optimal pressure and vibration. This will deliver deeper, more intense vibration therapy.
Treatment can be self-administered in a focused area or moved around in a more general massaging motion.

THE SCIENCE – Countless research studies have confirmed the positive benefits of vibration training, but here at Pulseroll HQ we wanted to make sure our vibrating foam rollers were effective by undertaking our own independent scientific study.

Our study found that vibrating foam rollers can increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles by as much as 22% after hard training. This helps to speed up recovery and maintain the strength in muscles that is usually temporarily lowered after a workout.

3 ACTIVE SPEEDS + 1 PULSE MODE – The Vibrating Foam Roller has four one-touch power settings, making the roller ideal for warm ups, cool downs and a variety of workouts.

BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Charging time: three hours Battery life: up to four hours between charges.

REMOTE CONTRO – A remote control is included for changing the speed while the roller is in use.

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN – Scientific studies on Pulseroll products have proven an increase in training recovery and circulation of 22% and improved ROM (range of movement) of 14%.

REDUCE NEXT DAY SORENESS AND MUSCLE PAIN – The combination of pressure and vibration helps reduce muscle tightness, increase flexibility and reduce next day soreness after your training session.

INCREASE BLOOD FLOW AND FLUSH AWAY LACTIC ACID – Through continued use, the vibration technology in with the roller helps flush away lactic acid and increase circulation. This not only hugely benefits your muscles, but also your heart and all aspects of your health.

RAPID TRAINING RECOVERY – Using the roller for warming up tight muscles or for cooling down after training only takes a few minutes. It’s a quick and efficient way to help you achieve the best performance.

APPROVED BY PHYSIOS AND PRO ATHLETES – Pulseroll products are used by top athletes and are widely available in physiotherapy clinics.

EASY TO USE – Because of the vibrations, there is almost NO need to roll, technique is minimal and it’s far less painful to use than a traditional foam roller.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE  – The Vibrating Foam Roller fits inside a standard gym bag, making it easy to transport and usable everywhere, whether you’re at home, work, or at the gym.

FASTER RECOVERY FROM INJURY – Myofascial release from the vibration technology helps you avoid many sports-related injuries.


Level One 1500 RPM25 Hz
Level Two 1900 RPM32 Hz
Level Three 1500 – 3000 RPM (Pulsating)25 – 50 Hz
Level Four 3000 RPM50 Hz

Battery Type: 7.2 Lithium-ion (2600mAh)
Battery Life: 6 hours (lower speeds) 2.5 hours (higher speeds)
Product Weight: 1.1 kg
Product Size: 300mm (L) x 150mm (H)
Colour: Black or Red

Package includes: – Vibrating Foam Roller – Finger remote ™ – Type-C charging cable – Carry bag with strap –
Product manual – Warranty card



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